Les Ciels de Chaumet

Diademe Soleil Glorieux
Diademe Etoile Etoile
Collier Lueurs d'orage
Collier Nuages d'Or
Collier Planètes
Collier Soleil
Broche Soleil
Montre Lueurs D'orage

CHAUMET’s High Jewellery collection Les Ciels de Chaumet celebrates this centennial and fruitful dialogue through an undeniably pictorial and poetic theme. From solar disks adorning the frescoes of ancient Egypt to contemporary installations and abstract skies; from the wading birds in Japanese prints to the birds of Picasso and Matisse; from Van Gogh’s swirling suns to Turner’s atmospheric skies, to Nerval’s “own star” and Mallarmé’s “winter sun”, the sky in all its states has long inspired the most beautiful creations. Like the great masters, Chaumet transforms its perception of vastness and its association with nature into exceptional pieces, giving shape and brilliance to sensations.