Bulgari unveils its latest visionary undertaking: Bulgari Studio in Seoul

28 Mar, 2024

Bulgari has chosen the vibrant city of Seoul to unveil its latest visionary undertaking: Bulgari Studio. A creative platform for co-creation and experimentation, where Bulgari’s innovative spirit meets the ingenious talent of contemporary creators to set new imaginative territories drawing inspiration from the Maison’s trailblazing icon B.zero1.

The event took place in the spectacular venue of Théâtre des Lumières, where Laura Burdese, Bulgari’s Marketing and Communication Vice President, welcomed an exclusive parterre of international guests including journalists and editors, influencers and a stellar cast of global icons such as Bulgari’s Brand Ambassadors LISA, model Hikari Mori, singer and actor Tomohisa Yamashita, and actress and model Serenay Sarıkaya. K-pop star Min Gyu, actor Alejandro Speitzer, influencer Pia Wurtzbach, and singer Pierre De Maere were also among the standout crowd. These dynamic personalities audaciously wore the iconic B.zero1 jewelry creations in multiple designs – from classic to Rock.

During the night, two were the international creators enrolled by the Roman Maison to set free their imagination and give life to unexpected forms of creative expression. The French choreographer Sadeck Berrabah enthralled the audience with a visually captivating performance, in dialogue with B.zero1’s design language, focused on arm and hand movements. Afterwards, the multi-disciplinary artist Anyma joined Bulgari Studio with an immersive audio-visual live show embracing multiple mediums to transcend the boundaries between reality and imagination. During the performance, Anyma has also world premiered a new music track, “After Love”, featuring Grammy awarded singer Delilah Montagu, while a dedicated playlist inspired by Bulgari Studio will be launched on the leading digital music platforms.