Exclusive interview with Mr. Saul Goldberg, President of William Goldberg By Arabian Watches and Jewellery Magazine.

25 May, 2016
Could you please briefly describe the profile of William Goldberg to our readers?

William Goldberg is one of the most distinguished diamond jewelry houses in the world. Founded more than a half century ago by my father, the legendary master diamond cutter William Goldberg, our company today is managed by myself, Mr. Goldberg’s daughter, Eve, son-in-law, Barry Berg and grandson, Benjamin Goldberg.

Over the years, William Goldberg has shaped some of history’s most famous diamonds, including the 137-carat D Flawless Premier Rose and 102-carat D Flawless Beluga. 

The signature ASHOKA® diamond cut by William Goldberg is favored by elite women  with exceptional style worldwide. 
When William Goldberg Diamond entered the Middle East Market? 

Over forty years ago, we were selling very important diamonds to clients in Saudi Arabia. We have continued to do important business with clients in the Middle East, Asia and throughout Europe in cities like Monaco, Geneva, Zurich and London. We now sell exclusively at ISTANA in the UAE who has stores in The Dubai Mall and Four Seasons Resort Dubai.  
How important is it as a regional retail market for William Goldberg rare jewelry pieces?

The regional retail market is very important for our company.  For many years, we exhibited at the Basel Jewelry Fair in Switzerland where we met many important clients from the region (Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar). With so much in demand, we continued to create important diamond jewelry collections designed specifically for the Middle Eastern market. 

William Goldberg jewelry is available at Istana Jewellers in Dubai, How is the brand faring in the UAE until now? 

The brand is getting a lot of attention and recognition. This is just the start of our relationship with Istana Jewellers that we hope will grow and build for a long time.  

Are you planning to expand your network in the region in the near future? 
Yes, we are looking to partner with more fine jewelry boutiques in this region where we can showcase our beautiful diamond jewelry collections. 

How distinctive is the Ashoka diamond cut to diamond enthusiasts in the region? 

The ASHOKA® diamond cut has gained worldwide recognition and is a well-known brand in this region. Clients ask to see more and more jewelry collections using our exclusive diamond cut. Its beauty and uniqueness separate it from the more traditional diamond cuts.  

Do you do bespoke pieces for clients in the region?  

We will always do special and one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces for clients on request. Our designers continue to create magnificent diamond jewelry for our clients all over the world. We regularly post beautiful images on both our William Goldberg (@williamgoldbergdiamonds) Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as our ASHOKA® diamond (@ashokadiamond) accounts.