Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO Roger Dubuis: Presenting a Tribute to the Diva in Every Woman

17 Jan, 2016
What are your brand’s “star” novelties for the SIHH 2016?

For 2016, Roger Dubuis is presenting a special tribute to the Diva in every woman, a salute to the woman of substance, taste, a trend setter who loves outstanding innovative styling combined with the understanding of the fine mechanics behind the beating heart of every Roger Dubuis watch. Two of the star novelties will be exceptional Velvet timepieces - the extraordinary floral-encrusted Blossom Velvet Pink and the magnetic and intensely irrestible Velvet Secret Heart. And just in case the men feel left out, Roger Dubuis will present a special tribute to the Spirit of the Warrior, with the Excalibur Automatic Skeleton Carbon, a further development on the skeletonised automatic movement first introduced in 2015.

What are your expectations at SIHH 2016?

Just like every year, SIHH provides a vital snapshot on the trends and directions that are ruling the world of haute horologerie. Up ahead we expect to see a steady development of current trends and structured growth into existing and emerging markets. Current economic and industry developments may alter the nature and direction of the industry as a whole, but the market for luxury watches will continue to innovate, evolve and develop over time.

What are the foreseen trends and directions with watches in 2016?

Expect to see a continuation in the progression towards smaller sizes on the part of many of the leading brands as watchmakers follow the shifting preferences of their clientele. Apart from the diminishing diameters, look for a range of innovative new flourishes and materials as brands continue to differentiate themselves from the competition. Also expected is further progress on the growing trend towards smarter, interconnected watches that can pair with other devices, as manufacturers cater to growing customer interests.

When would we expect the SIHH novelties to be available at boutiques and POS in the Middle East?

These novelties should be available at select Middle East POS in the very near future, considering that the region is home to some of our most prominent clients.

How is your brand faring in the Middle East?

The Middle East, as mentioned earlier is one of our high-interest regions, where a considerable number of our brand's customers come from. The Middle East wristwatch aficianado has a penchant for excellence, style, luxury and cutting edge design of the highest quality, all attributes that are typical of Roger Dubuis timepieces. As a result we have been doing increasingly more and more business in the region.

Do you propose to open more independent boutiques in the Middle East?

Growing the brand's presence across a region that is of high priority to us, is very important. As such we are continuously engaged in gauging the market, interacting with our partners and paying close attention to our customer base on how best to do this. We have over this year opened the brand's first exclusive boutique in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh in concert with our partners Al Fardan Jewellery. The boutique, located at the prestigious Kingdom Tower has already attracted favourable responses from Saudi clients. Additionally, we have also opened our latest boutique in the UAE at Dubai Mall, one of Dubai's most coveted retail destinations. Both these launches are part of the brand's policy of expanding strategically into the region's high-end luxury space.

Describe your relationship with collectors in the Middle East.

We continue to maintain excellent relations with collectors in the Middle East, just as we do with all our VIP customers across the region. They form an important part of the reason for the brand's growing success as a trend-setting luxury watch brand in the region.