Wilhelm Schmid, CEO Lange Uhren GmbH: A. Lange & Söhne holds the number one position of German “luxury brands”

15 Jan, 2017
What are your brand’s “star” debuts for the SIHH 2017?

Our strength to explore new dimensions in the field of horological complications is ideally reflected in our debut collection. It consists of timepieces that are prime examples of a decidedly classical yet sophisticated approach to fine watchmaking as well as examples of our ambition to never stand still. 

What are your expectations at SIHH 2017?

We are confident that our new timepieces will receive a lot of media attention and enjoy a high level of demand among watch connoisseurs. 

Did your export figures increase in the Middle East for 2016?

Over the years, we have continuously expanded our position in the Middle East, and the last year was no exception. In 2016, we have seen a stable development in the region.

Describe your relationship with collectors in the Middle East?

Our customers in the Middle East are part of a growing worldwide community of knowledgeable watch aficionados who share a love for mechanical perfection and consummate craftsmanship. We maintain direct and close relationships with A. Lange & Söhne collectors in the region and many of them have visited our premises in Saxony.

How would you describe the fine watchmaking industry today and where would you position your brand?

When looking at the development of the watch industry over a longer period, there is good reason to be optimistic. After times of temporary weakness, it has always recovered quickly. We believe in the long-term and sustainable success of fine mechanical timepieces because they fulfil the desire for products that have a soul and represent a real value. Since ten years, A. Lange & Söhne holds the number one position of German “luxury brands”, ranked by the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche”. On a global scale, Lange also ranks among the most appreciated brands.

How do you see the growth potential of women’s complications?

There are an increasing number of women with a passion for mechanical watches. We notice indeed that more and more ladies express their interest in classical timepieces, not focussing on jewels or other design elements but rather on mechanical features. 

What essential elements of horlogerie should people look for when looking to buy a good timepiece?

A good timepiece should embody a well-balanced blend of excellent and timeless design, innovative technology, ultimate precision as well as the finest of materials and highest degree of craftsmanship. Watches that live up these standards offer the best preconditions to maintain or even increase in value.

What are your brands priorities for 2017?

Our new manufactory building and the 2016 collection set key milestones that have proven our innovative power and future orientation. We will continue along this path in 2017. Our new models have already set the tone for this.