New DERRICK watch from Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet presented a modern, minimalist version of its pioneering DERRICK concept that was first launched in 2013. The highly creative oil pumping system adorns the front of the watch. Its uniqueness resides in the essentialist ethos of the depiction. Only the traditional, distinctive components of the derrick are shown – the main shaft and horse head, the drive shaft, and its counterweight. The result is a powerful, minimalist display, with a cycle that repeats three times a minute. Pulling off this technical feat required the use of an extremely lightweight, avant-garde material: the automaton has been made entirely out of brushed aluminium. It is powered by the watchmaking mechanism itself, which thus acts as the driving force for the entire assembly. Two wheels can be seen behind the derrick; the one located at six o’clock is used to display the seconds, on a dedicated segment.
Louis Moinet has chosen to showcase its pioneering system by placing it atop two black-coloured dials. The first, with a rather more traditional feel, features a hand-punched surface for a brilliant sheen. The second, with more high-tech overtones, offsets the derrick with a woven carbon fibre mesh.